The Paths – Services

Executive Coaching

Every Leader is on a journey that is uniquely theirs as there are no two of us humans alike. I help Leaders become more self-aware and excavate what they stand for as a Leader to ground themselves in a leadership model and their legacy.

I help Leader’s honor where they are right now and provide them tools to navigate them onto their journey’s next step – that could be:

  • New people leader or working towards your next career role
  • Leading a larger team or a new established team
  • Having courageous & empathic conversations with peers and employees

Team Development

High performing teams do not magically appear. They do not happen by chance.

They happen when a Leader gets very intentional on what talent they need for the role AND for the team.
I help Leaders master the art of team forming, storming and norming to get to high performing. Each team is different and has its own DNA – the Leaders role is how to identify, focus and optimize the team’s horsepower to deliver the meaningful work.

Leadership Development

Great organizations have high-performing Leadership teams. Those teams are comprised of self-aware Leaders that speak and navigate their interactions to a shared set of behaviors and expectations. I help Leaders identify what these shared tenants are and create rhythms and routines to model them – every day – in every interaction.

Employee Connection

Finding and harnessing your employee’s strengths & superpowers takes connection – connection grounded in authentic, safe, and transparent conversations. I teach Leaders how to identify, excavate and balance the strengths and superpower both individually and within the team.

Leadership Community

As a Leader, you will not have all the answers or experience everything that there is to experience in your individual journey. However, there is significant knowledge and endless solutions when many Leaders authentically connect to crowd source for solutions… it is simply more efficient and smarter. I help Leaders understand, exercise, and build thier connections to other Leaders – creating belonging, strong supportive relationships, knowledge base, and synergy.

Talent Development

Talent Development is key to growing and retaining your most important asset – your people. It is also critical for the any company’s growth and competitive advantage to build a talent pipeline for all its roles. I help organizations with their talent development cycle by teaching the tools & processes needed to build and strengthen the talent pipeline – from goal setting, development plans to succession planning – and everything in between.

Calling Only the Courageous Leaders that are WILLING to do the Inner Work.


Are you one of those?

Providing tools, resources, and processes that help organization get intentional on the right talent, in the right role, at the right time.

Helping Leaders broaden their perspectives and insights through the intentional act of building Leadership Community – where they work and where they live.

Coaching Leaders how to practically tap into each employee’s unique strengths and superpowers.

Teaching Leaders how to develop and maintain high - performing teams
to drive meaningful work.

Grounding Leaders in a shared agreement and shared vernacular on HOW to lead themselves, their teams, and employees.

Providing tools, resources, and processes that help organization get intentional on the right talent, in the right role, at the right time.