Melissa is a true professional serving our needs as we navigated building a healthy field organization from Talent Management, Leadership Training, L & D materials, and with our new associate onboarding & first weeks on the job training & experience materials. Melissa met with our field team to learn the company, our growth challenges, and unique quirks with limited resources. Melissa’s positive energy and willingness to roll up her sleeves is unique in the business – she very effectively drives talent, communication, process, projects, training materials, & strategic initiatives. Melissa is a “difference maker!” – Joe Hash, SVP

Melissa has a true passion for leadership. I worked as a part of her team for two years and witnessed her ability to build and grow a high performing team every day. She’s dedicated, strong and gets things done. She tackles projects head on by setting high achievable goals from herself and her teams. She meets this fervor with a laid back and kind demeanor that allows her teams to feel comfortable to ask questions. Overall, Melissa was fantastic to work with. – Joey Viola, Marketing Consultant

Melissa is a dynamic, intelligent leader who drives business results through selecting and developing top talent. Melissa has a laser like focus on operational excellence and demonstrates the ability lead her team to flawlessly execute and implement all company initiatives in her department. She is also a team player and is a great partner in all cross functional initiatives. I enjoyed working with Melissa and would recommend her excellent skill set to any company. – Marguerite Garvey, COO

Melissa was a great partner and leader during our time working together at Alliance Data. Her deep knowledge of retail coupled with her training & development insights were instrumental in serving clients both internally and externally to drive for results. Melissa empowers those around her and supports her team completely. She is professional and truly makes her colleagues better for working with her. Melissa’s passion and unfailing positive attitude would make her a great addition to any company. – Leigh Helsel, Strategic Account Executive

Melissa Tassie has a wonderful blend of classic leadership development training, actual leadership experience, and high emotional intelligence. Combined, they enable her to bring a level of excellence to her coaching practice that is quite rare. In my opinion, she is a “can’t miss” coach/advisor. – Douglas R. Conant, Founder & CEO of ConantLeadership

Client’s Story

Picture this, you are a successful and well-known executive leader who decided to take the leap into a new role in a new company. You were challenged to build the work and the team from the ground up. Here you go – you have the autonomy to build your strategy, acquire resources and deliver the results. You are energized and ready to go.


Fast forward 6 months and you are finding yourself working 18 hours a day on all the things you should be leveraging your team. You cannot seem to find the time or “headspace” to calibrate your team to the work. Should I hire more people? How am I going to keep the talent I already have – and how and I’m going to coach the under-performers? How am I going to find time to be more intentional on the team culture? How is all this work going to get done? Dealing with performance issues, managing the day-to-day, you found that you needed help in slowing the chaos down to build a strategy and to leverage the team differently.


So you turn to Paths2Lead. Through the Ultimate Path approach, you have been able to set the strategy, take deliberative action using the talent you already have on the team. You are addressing performance, holding your talent accountable and developing them. After using the Ultimate Path’s coaching and tools, you begin to see your strategy come to life, the team showing positive energy and having more transparent conversations with one another.


You start seeing the results of a calibrated team to a clear strategy using a deliberative approach. Not only that, Ultimate Paths has given you the leadership rituals – the actions you take consistently to keep the team mobilized, thriving in development and striving for positive results. Your team feels empowered. You are having to work less hours as the team is now equipped to handle the day-to-day. You have arrived; leading out of the chaos with a focused team fostering a healthy culture

- Accomplished EVP of Operations finds her stride to great talent and great work.

Calling Only the Courageous Leaders that are WILLING to do the Inner Work.


Are you one of those?

Providing tools, resources, and processes that help organization get intentional on the right talent, in the right role, at the right time.

Helping Leaders broaden their perspectives and insights through the intentional act of building Leadership Community – where they work and where they live.

Coaching Leaders how to practically tap into each employee’s unique strengths and superpowers.

Teaching Leaders how to develop and maintain high - performing teams
to drive meaningful work.

Grounding Leaders in a shared agreement and shared vernacular on HOW to lead themselves, their teams, and employees.

Providing tools, resources, and processes that help organization get intentional on the right talent, in the right role, at the right time.